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Kidney Pain

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  • Kidney Pain

    I am experiencing kidney pain during the night and upon waking up in the mornings. It feels like a dull ache in both kidneys and is accompanied by queasiness. My kidney doctor States ckd does not cause the kidneys to hurt. I have been diagnosed with ckd stage 2 . The CT scan shows no stones . Anyone else experience this?

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    im a dialysis patient and I just started having some pain on my right side where my kidney is it hurts more when I cough or take a deep breath, mine feel more like a sharp pain confused as to wat it may be


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      Probably a hernia.


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        I'm recently diagnosed and also experiencing pain in the same area. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this. Also hoping someone would post how to relieve some of the pain


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          I have been diagnosed with stage 2, o have been getting real bad back pains, tuummy pains too. Its always usually in the morning or middle of night. My husband bought me a vape pen with cbd oil in it, an helps tremrndouusly.