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  • Coming to terms.

    Hello I'm new to this page and I've been seeking someone to talk to about coming to terms with ckd as someone in their early twenties.
    I was diagnosed with ckd at sixteen due to a preexisting medical condition I didn't even know I had until then, it's called kidney reflux disease. I was also diagnosed with hypertension blood pressure. Being just sixteen I didn't know how to even begin to wrap my head around the fact that I had a chronic illness. I couldn't face the reality of what it was for a long time. At nineteen I ran from my illness afraid of the inevitable outcome for myself. I stopped going to the doctor, I stopping taking my medications up until about 10 months ago. I started to think about what future I truly had if I continued to not care for myself, what that would do to my family.
    As a twenty-three year old female I think about how much I want children, but could I carry a child? What steps would I have to take to make my body somewhat healthy for a child? Is this selfish of me to want a child? I constantly wish things were different but wishing never changes anything. Coming to the reality of what things are sucks.

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    Hi there! I identify so much with how you’re feeling. Coming to terms with things is truly difficult and so far a daily struggle for me. I’m in my late twenties but have been having health issues since my early twenties that prevented me from getting pregnant. This year I was diagnosed with CKD and my doctor has told me I shouldn’t get pregnant because in my case it would be too high risk. She told me and my husband to consider adoption or a surrogate. We’re still talking about it but it’s just so hard to come to terms with all the things that get taken away from us because of CKD. I truly hope in your case your doctors will tell you it’s okay to get pregnant. And truly hope that many advances are made in treating (hopefully curing) CKD.