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  • Looking for someone to try this

    I was found to be in stage 4 when I was 14. Everything the doctor put me on was not working. My Aunt had a dream that I should drink parsley tea and told her a lady from the old country told her I should drink this. My mom made me drink this twice a day (taste is not very good). Two week later when they did my labs, everything started improving.
    When I went to college I was not drinking my parsley tea and my kidneys took a dive. When I went to see my doctor he said I changed something and was giving me two weeks , if I did not improve he was putting me in the hospital ( my big fear). I started drinking the tea again and when he did my labs two weeks later, he just kept shaking his head saying “I can’t believe it’. We told him about the parsley tea but he did not think that would make a difference. Over the years none of the doctors believed it. I have been in stage 3 for a long time. I was off and on with the parsley tea. I am now 63 and my kidneys dropped into stage 4 my GRF was 29. I started drinking the tea again and it took longer ( age may be the factor) than before but within 5 months of drinking this once a day my GRF went to 40. You only need to take a small amount about a small fist full cover with water and cook in the microwave for about 5 minutes. Drink when it cools down . I have only used fresh and frozen curly leaf parsley.
    I really would like to know if this would help anyone else with kidney damage.

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    Im going to try this thank you. I will let you know of the results.


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      I tried something from Canada that my mom gave me in the beginning, but she said I drank with too much water (because I could not stand the taste}, so I might as well forget it. Do you think the amount of water will make a difference with the parsley?


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        What kind of parsley? Chinese or Italian 😂 I love parsley I would love to try it.


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          Hello I will have my husband try this everything is helpful ,I pray that all is well in your health.