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Bowel prep for colonoscopy, help!!!

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  • Bowel prep for colonoscopy, help!!!

    My dr wants me to have a colonoscopy soon.
    In the past, I had to take 2 laxative pills and drink a gallon of golightely.

    He wants me to take 4 dulcolax laxatives and drink miralax with gatorade.
    I read this is dangerous, even if it's less liquid than the other prep.
    Has anyone ever done this?
    What bowel prep did your dr have you do?

    I'm worried about my only kidney.


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    This is the easiest prep but check w/ Nephro on fluid


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      I have heard kidney patients are NOT to have a colonostopy. It can damaged your kidneys. Talk to your neupholist this is very important to find out.


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        I have had just one kidney for years and I had a colonoscopy just a few months ago. My Dr. told me to drink the gallon of liquid with Crystal Lite lemonade--the taste is MUCH better that what is provided with the kit. I wish you luck!


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          There is a special colonoscopy prep for renal patients. It tastes awful, but it's safe an VERY effective. Don't be far from the toilet overnight, and expect to spend the last couple of hours on the prep sitting on the commode.