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CKD, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Depression

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  • CKD, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Depression

    Is anyone else living with the same conditions I am? I'm in 3rd stage, recent GFR 38, previous was 42. My doctor keeps trying to get me off of some of my medications, mostly the Meloxicam, for the fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I was on 2 different anti-depressants and now on just one (not working as well as both of them). I've tried twice to get off of the Meloxicam but after a few weeks I'm in so much pain I can hardly move and feel life isn't worth I go back on. Yesterday, my primary care dr. asked me again to stop it. I see a Neprhologist tomorrow and know he'll ask the same. How can I cope with the fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis if I stop taking Meloxicam?

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    Ask for Vicodin. That is what doctor put me on when Tylenol did not work anymore. I then went to a chiropractor, did water aerobics nothing physically out of the water and then sat in the hot tub for 10 minutes. Worked wonders. If you are 65 and on Medicare you can get Silver Sneakers which is free and will get you into the Y. Then I also have the heating pad and I sleep under a heating blanket. I am now four years from my 32 GFR and on dialysis as of October and take very little pain meds, can't go to the Y because I have a catheter in the chest (Hopefully not for long) and use the heating pad which works just fine. I don't know if this will help you but My nephrologist agrees with all I have done to keep myself away from dialysis for so long and how I am positive about keeping myself comfortable other than with medication. I hope you are drinking lots of water and eating food without salt. That will help your GFR to go up if you are in stage 3. I was in stage three 10 years ago at 50 and with changing my diet to little salt and giving up pop etc it went back up to 70. Then 4 years ago I was at 32 and it went up to 35 when I stopped drinking as much coffee as I use to. It then dropped when I had a very serious kidney infection down to 28 and from there slowly the kidney's went down. Fight as much as you can to keep your GRF up as much as possible. Ask lots of questions to the nephrologist. If you are under Medicare, as to see a dietician. You should be able to get free counseling for a dietician.


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      I am seeing a pain management Dr & I'm on a Butrans Patch for pain. I was on meloxicam too but they cause kidney's to get worse. Any antiinflammatories will.


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        I also see a pain management MD and wear a Fentanyl patch. I have had pain of OA for at least 20 years, complicated by the pain of severe osteoporotic fractures with residual deficits. There are very effective alternatives to Meloxicam and MD's specializing in pain control are very skilled in helping you with pain control despite CKD. To me, continuing to take Meloxicam sounds like a one way ticket to dialysis. There are alternatives that work. See a pain control MD as soon as you can.