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  • Cholesterol

    I am wondering...if you are a ckd patient with bad LDL cholesterol, is it possible to lower/control cholesterol without taking statin drugs? Meaning by exercise and nutrition. Or are ckd patients doomed to always have cholesterol problems unless they are taking a drug?

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    Hello SumOrange,

    There are so many variables that play into an individual's cholesterol levels that there is no general answer for your question. There are individuals who have been able to achieve acceptable LDL levels through diet and exercise, and I'm certain that there are dialysis patients among them. Age can be a significant factor, when you consider the efficiency of your organs, e.g. liver, diminish with age. Those inefficient organs that regulate cholesterol levels cannot be made to do a "better job". Diet and exercise may not be enough and thus, statins enter the picture. There are supplements that have been know to reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels. Even these have their limits in effectiveness depending on the individual.

    I was able to achieve personal historically low levels of LDL and total cholesterol through a combination of supplements, diet and exercise some 3 to 4 years ago, even after starting dialysis. I'm now 3 to 4 years older and it seems no amount of exercise, diet or supplements can get my LDL levels back down below the low 100's (as low as 62). The absence of other risk factors makes my physicians accept the levels as they are (total Cholesterol below 200, HDL in the low 60's, Triglycerides in the 80's) and they will not prescribe even a low dose statin.

    All you can do is try exercise and diet modification, throw in supplements (Red Yeast Rice, L-Arginine, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Co-Q-10) for good measure and track your lipid panel results. Recognize that what works very well today, may do little in a few years as your metabolism changes and grows less efficient - the product of aging.


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      But, beans are VERY high in potassium and phosphorus. But then, a spambot wouldn't know such things......


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        It depends what kind of beans, Great Northern beans have 356 mg of phosphorus per cup, while Green beans have only 32.

        Its easy to find this info with the "Phosphorus Tracker" app:

        Google :

        Apple :

        I was able to reduce my total phosphorus intake by hundreds of milligrams a day by only switching a few foods in my diet !

        Hope this helps.


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          Sedentary lifestyle often leads to high cholesterol levels. Changes in your lifestyle such as right eating habits, doing physical activities etc. will certainly help you in controlling cholesterol.
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            My doctor told me that some people can't control their cholesterol levels with just diet and exercise. Sometimes it is just a hereditary thing and statins are needed. I am trying to avoid statins (my doctor has prescribed them). But I will probably have to take them.


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              I am 74, have high cholesterol and have been prescribed Zetia which does not affect your kidneys according to my Doctor. It is rather expensive but is supposed to be a generic by Dec 2016. Omega 3 also has been prescribed due to high triglycerides