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CKD and hemiparesis due to TBI

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  • CKD and hemiparesis due to TBI

    In January 2016, in one day all things in my life changed. I was at work when I received a phonecall from my husbands workplace. A man on the other line told me that my husband had been injured in a car accident and they were going to bring him to hospital. He got a intracranial haemorrage due to sudden decceleration and several injuries in his abdomen. After a two month hospitalization he went to a rehabilitation centre hoping that he would be able to walk again and he managed to improve his motion but he didnt improve his kidney function.
    He is 45 years old now, with stage 4 CKD and not in dialysis yet. He had polycystic kidneys witout any symptom and probably would never had any symptom if... those cysts were not ruptured and his kidneys injured during the accident. This accident brought his kidney disease from stage 1 to stage 4 in one day. It sounds difficult for us to cope with bad reality but we try. Hope never dies