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CKD and Mental Illness

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  • CKD and Mental Illness

    I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 1995 after almost 20 years of wading through the mental health system. Then, in 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD. During the first few years following that diagnosis, I managed to lose over 80 lbs. As the stress in my life has intensified over the last three years (I'm my mother's caretaker, who suffers from a lung disease and dementia), I've gained a lot of the weight back. I struggle to eat anything but "comfort" foods and the bipolar depression prevents me from doing proper grocery shopping. Having dealt with CKD for almost ten years, and having been given advice from a wonderful dietitian, I know I need to eat fresh foods, which means going shopping a couple of times a week. I can't seem to do it even once a month. Here's the dietitian can give me nutritional advice and my therapist can give me advice related to my depression/mood swings...but no one seems to be able to do both at the same time. That just compounds the mood problems and weight gain. Is there anyone out there who has similar experiences, and if you do, can you offer any advice? Thanks, Laurie
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    I know how you feel. have much the same issues. i know it is difficult just to get thru each day. just wanted you to know you are not alone!


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      I am in the process of a diagnosis.......all was well until a routine blood test and urine test several weeks ago showed up lots of protein..........have had a few more tests and am awaiting results. Am not sure what is going on but have changed diet e.g. Reduced salt, more vegetables and salads, less protein etc. Have been approx 10K overweight for the past 2,years despite trying desperatly to lose at least a little. Will update when I receive my blood test results