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  • The hits keep coming....

    I am so confused these days. I have come out of a dark depression. I have CKD Stage 3 and have been dealing with that and now they have found a stiff right ventricle in my heart. It is not pumping well and is flooding the back of my heart. I can't remember what they called it. My blood pressure is 138/102 pulse 93 and has been consistently without activity. Of course there is no cure for that either. As far as my kidneys go, they are shrinking. This is normal? The doctors say I am too frail for dialysis and would not withstand heart surgery, so I am tracking time. I don't know what else to so. My potassium is 385, the high normal is 114. I am scared and alone and I don't know if I belong here or not....I am shaken to the core.

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    I am sorry you are dealing with so much. Of course you belong here. You have kidney disease. You need support. This is the spot. All you can do at this point is live your life the best you can. Do your doctors have a plan to strengthen you so you can withstand surgery? I would try a second opinion. I hope you don't have much pain or side effects. It is totally okay for you to be scared. Just don't let your fear take a hold so much you can't live your life. If you want to vent message me anytime.


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      Hi niteskywatcher, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnoses and all of the uncertainty that comes with them. 1scaredycat is completely right, the myDaVita community is here for you and I hope you can find support and helpful information here. Wishing you all the best.


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        I know how you feel. I gave my husband a kidney 4.5 years ago and believed all was well. The first thing I noticed was we were having balance issues (falling requentlu) and some cognitive issues, and the cardio guy sent us to a neurologist who told us that he had neuropathy and possibly had Parkinson's. After the MRI, he told us that he had a small stroke. The blood pressure was high and we've yet to get it under control. His nephrologist thought it might be the anti-rejection drugs, but after blood work we learned the Prograf was low. We were sent back to the transplant clinic and they think his kidney has damage and he may be in rejection. When I asked about options, we were given none. Tomorrow they biopsy his kidney to determine what the future is. I too am frightened. I think everyone either feels or has felt just as you feel.