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Working Out with CKD

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  • Working Out with CKD

    I have tried to find some literature about working out with CKD and seem to be coming up empty. Does anyone have words of wisdom, references, etc. concerning weightlifting, running, working out with CKD? I have kept myself in very good shape over the years then, without warning, a CT scan finds a mass on one of my kidneys when the doctor was looking for something else. As a result, I had the kidney removed using minimally invasive surgery back in July. It was cancerous, but had not spread. I'm getting back in shape, but want to make sure that I don't do something harmful without realizing it. Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!

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    If you find anything out about this topic I would like to know as well. I want to work out to keep myself in shape but I'm worried if there is limits I should set. I have stage 3 CKD and I want to remain active.


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      I'll keep you posted on what I learn. I should have posted this in a different forum but did not see the one on exercise my first time through!


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        Everything I have read says it's good (for stage 3 at least) to work out. My own experience is I hike a lot and ride my bike even more. I do about 20 or 30 miles at a time on the bike and when hiking I do 3 to 6 miles at a time and I am stage 3 and 66 yrs old. My doctor encourages me to keep at it. I certainly feel better when I do. I have a lot more energy and tend to be more active throughout the rest of my day as well when I exercise. One book I was reading also encouraged weightlifting to compensate for the bone density loss from ckd.


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          I"m still a fairly active road cyclist, been on dialysis now for 2.5 years, age 56. I used to be able to do centuries, but my stamina waned as I got into stage 4. Now I'm a lot better, as long as I don't ride too soon after treatments (never before noon on the days after treatments). I can now do half-centuries and average about 18 mph at least, and my climbing ability (as well as my quads...) is improving. I'm still working full-time, so time constraints keep me from riding nearly as much as I'd like to.


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            Wow dac, your my new hero! Those numbers are impressive. Thats really inspiring. Plus a job. Again, wow!

            I would hate to have to give up my biking. I really love it. I'm not able to do the speeds you do or miles but the hours on my bike are always the best part of my day or week. My longest ride this summer was a 55 mile ride and I was beat for 2 days after that but I still loved doing it. You've given me so much hope knowing you can keep this up even if on dialysis. Thanks for sharing that.


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              These are great questions and stories. I like hearing of others staying active. I am not a biker but I stay very active all of the time. My rule of thumb so to speak is if I feel up to it, do it. If I am having a bit of a rough day I will back off a bit. I am currently stage 4 and seeking a second transplant. My first was in Oct. of '04 where I did very well. I am currently working full time and plan to continue. The active life style and working really helps to keep focus on the improtant things in life and my mind off of not so productive issues.
              If I have any advise or thoughts it would be to do what makes you feel good. If you have a tough day, take it easy and try tomorrow. It has worked to keep me otherwise healthy and happy.