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    Hello everyone, I have stage 3 CKD and it is determinable why I have it says the doctors. My last visit to a new Nephrologist he says if you want to stay healthy get rid of your carbohydrates. So I have found the Ketogenic Diet which is low carbs, low, protein and high fat. So I would get my energy from fat. I have done research on this diet and have even followed it for a month and half. I have lost 13lbs and feel better. I was wondering if anyone with CKD has tried this diet or lifestyle change?
    Thank you in advance!

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    I was eating basically this way before I was diagnosed, learning as I went. Fortunately, I was generally already eating under 100g protein. I track my eating on I've paid attention to percentages of nutrients that I eat so now I know that if I eat about the same number of grams of fats and protein, that I'm doing okay. My carbs vary some, and I simply try to keep them as low as possible.

    That's obvious, since I already knew that fat grams have 2x the calories that protein grams do, lol; but I was trying to complicate it.


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      I am learning as I go too. I am on a few prescriptions for my kidneys, so what I'd like to do is call my nephrologist and see if I could come off the pills for a few months and see how this diet is helping or not helping. I am very excited about this diet and wondering why more people aren't doing it especially if they have diabetes. 😞 I am still new to it so I'm sure I'll find out.


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        It has a lot of overlap with paleo and low Carb food plans. I lean toward paleo, but include some dairy. Having the kidney dx is good incentive to use dairy as garnish vs entree. I put it that way earlier, and I think it really works for my brain.

        I'm realizing that I'm still not straight on the differences between paleo and keto, TBH. I can Google or go to Spark and get help, lol.