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Anybody on Lipitor?

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  • Anybody on Lipitor?

    My doctor recommended starting Lipitor bacause my LDL and triglycerides are high (110 + 189). But my HDL is very very good at 81. Reading about the side effects is scary! Has anybody taken Lipitor or had any side effects from it?

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    I am on it. 10mg twice a week. I was taking it every day, but the last year I was having muscle cramps in my legs last year. Since the put me on 2 times a week, I ve been fine.


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      I took Lipitor for a long time and eventually got type 2 diabetes from it. Dr put me on simvastatin and I slowly weaned off of it because my cholesterol was low. I went to a Chinese Dr. Last year and he said that if I continued to lose weight my diabetes and CKD would both improve. He was right.


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        I was on Lipitor for about 3 years until my new insurance would no longer cover it (was changed to Lovastatin). I never had any side effects from taking Lipitor - never even knew I was taking it. I was told that it is one of the best for controlling cholestral (least side effects).
        I also don't have any side effects from taking Lovastatin.


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            Atorvastatin is the Generic version of Lipitor...

            Check your insurance covers this Gsneric version

            I had found Crestor is Better statin than Lipitor in a Smaller dose