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If pregnancy is possible

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  • If pregnancy is possible

    I've had a question forever i have ckd stage 3 and wondering if its healthy for someone with ckd stg 3 to try and get pregnant and have a child.

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    That is something you should discuss with your doctor. In my opinion I would say no. (Just my opinion) But it's your choice. Your kidneys are not filtering like they should. IMO seeing how things change when you get pregnant then I would think it is not a good idea. Not to mention that CKD is a progressive disease and eventually you will most likely end up on dialysis. If you get side effects like swelling, fatigue, even memory issues that (again in my opinion) would hinder you from giving the best care to your new child. Of course not everyone gets side effects. I am sure there have been woman who gave birth with CKD but I would personally want what was best for my child and not just what I wanted. Also your spouse may end up caring for you and a child if you are not well. That is another consideration. With that and having a job your spouse might get a bit overwhelmed. People get overwhelmed just taking care of their spouse. (I have seen many accounts from caregivers on these forums) I am sure people would not want me to say all these things and I don't mean them to upset you. Just some things to think about. Again talk to your doctor and take your time to think about it. Take care of yourself.


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      That helps me out alot cause i was having to make some major decisions about a person i want in my life or not and i was wanting a different opinion. I do show thoes symptoms cause i have glomrinepherttis to so scaring of rhe glomuri. So you didnt upset me just put things into perspective thank you.
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        I also feel like you should talk to your dr Every body and their CKD is different Only you and the baby's daddy can decide along with the pros and cons from your dr weather you want to have a baby. Good Luck with whatever you decide.


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          Like he said.. Talk to your doctor. In my opinion do not let this disease hold you back from they joys of being a parent. Stage 3 can last for a decade if you take care of yourself properly- eat right, exercise and control your blood pressure. Your not the only person that we take care of this child. I am a 26 year father in stage 5. I have a 2 year old and a one year old. Wouldn't change anything if I could.


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            I spoke to my doctor about this. I'm stage 3 and she said it is a possibility. We are first going to wait a couple years just to see how my disease progresses. But she said with a change in medication, a stricter diet, and frequent monitoring it is still possible.