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I'm starting dialysis at home tomorrow

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  • I'm starting dialysis at home tomorrow

    no real question I've been waiting 3 years for my doctor to ok PD after 7 years of hemo I'm just excited!

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    Good luck, hope it works well for you. My husband had to be on emergency hemo for 6 weeks before he was able to start PD, longest 6 weeks of our lives!!


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      Best Wishes and hoping all goes well for you!
      (May the "Health" force be with you) : )


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        I do hope it went well. In time all the alarms will not send a panic mode. As you learn it does get much more relaxed. I will be on home two years next month. We still get alarms but its no biggie now. Good luck and may God bless.
        PS I would like to hear how you are doing. I'm not on here much leave a message I'll get back to you.


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          Hope you do well on PD. I'm my brothers caregiver. I do PD for him each night. Piece of cake. Stay well. 🙂


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            I just want you to know that it may seem scary at first, just like anything new. But remember, you've been through the training. Your PD nurse would never send you home if she/he did not think you could do it. You know the machine better than you think. Don't panic if you hear an alarm. just take a deep breath. Do everything as you were taught. Remember to always mask, then wash your hands. Make sure you do your Alcavis scrub. The connections are the most important. And always follow the instructions on the machine. Don't try to rush things or take shortcuts because that is when mistakes happen and that is when you will get peritonitis. In a week or so this will be such second nature to you. Just like brushing your teeth. You are going to do great and I am super excited for you!!! Congratulations on going home!!! :O)