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Fun with Pd first time flush

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  • Fun with Pd first time flush

    Well I've had my catheter for two weeks now we did are first flush and I think I will never forget it I started heating up very rapidly tore off all the clothes I could till I was at the edge of passing out and the crash cart came in! going back to University of Michigan on Monday to try again A little sketchy but I guess No choice

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    Hi Mmm97800 and welcome to the forum. you sure had a bad day on the first flush yikes! did the doctor tell you why your body had such a reaction? hopefully you will be able to avoid that the next time!


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      Sorry just figuring out the site an so busy the doc said I was too skinny!! That's funny I'm 175 and muscular so he say more pain to come just don't wanna pass out guess I'll find out in a few min


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        Mmm97800 Sounds like they dropped you below your dry weight. My doctor told me to make sure if any symptoms like cramping or being dizzy, I should call a tech to adjust the machine. Your experiences sounds like they took too much liquid off. They put in numbers at the beginning of your treatment to take a certain amount of liquid off. I only have 1.4-1.9 K taken off each treatment. They add another .4 for the liquid they put back in you or more if they do a flush. I don't have flushes. Flushes means every half hour they flush extra liquid into your body from the saline bag. If I gain weight, I too will get hot first after wearing a blanket to keep warm during treatment, the next thing is I start feeling a little sick in stomach then a little dizzy and I actually see dots of blue in the lighting. I usually know when to call the techs over. Unless something unusual happens and I pass out. So we are very careful not to go below my dry weight which I have set at .5K above what I weigh just in case I gain anything. I also ask what my BP is every time the techs come to document. The reason is because if the lower number goes below 60 for me, that mean too much liquid is being taken out and the next BP will drop me below dry weight and I will go through what you did. It is scary and even more scary if you have a visitor to watch this. My husband was with me one night where my BP was 124/74 one minute and all the symptoms I described started right after the BP showed normal. Two minutes later, I had a nurse standing next to me calling my name with them putting oxygen on me and adjusting the BP. My husband looked worried and told me how white my face was and how sick I appeared. That was the first that had ever happened. They returned liquid. That day they were only taking off .9 to dry weight. For some reason, my BP drops real fast after the BP is taken so the techs have learned to check on me often right after a BP and ask how I feel. If I say I am getting warm or my stomach feels funny, they take the BP again. It works for me to be very aware and advocate for myself.