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Unbearable itch!!!

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  • Unbearable itch!!!

    Just wondering if anyone has found something that will work on unbearable itch.

    My wife is a home hemo dialysis patient. But it seems that the more dialysis she does the worse the itch is getting. She is on renagel to control it but it doesn't seem to work at all. We have tried every cream on the market( no seriously, every one) and still no relief. Taking a shower used to work for a while but even that is stopping now It is too the point that she might get a half hour sleep but it wakes her up again. Her phosphorus levels are good, and her bloodwork is coming back the best that it has in a long time, but this itch is driving her crazy to the point that she is taking forks or other utensils to try and scratch. Happening mainly on the upper parts of both arms.

    Anyone else experiencing these types of symptoms or have means to control it.

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    Barryson...I found two foods that cause me to itch even after starting dialysis. One is almonds and the other is any type of cheese, milk and ice cream. Usually, if I limit the use of these, I stop itching. I use lots of lotions too. When I am really hungry for ice cream I make sure I have not had any of the above foods for a few days. Sometimes I still itch. I don't know if this is your cause but it took me a while to figure that one out. My dietician said, you just have to find the food that is the trigger.


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      Hi Barryson,

      Your wife might want to try using lotion for diabetic skin. I use it and my itching has calmed down. She doesn't need to be diabetic.


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        I just saw your post and my husband was itching unbearably too. It may sound silly but he gets rubbed down with Coconut oil and it works for him. He was told to use Crisco and we did, but the smell in the clothes was way too much and we tried coconut oil.
        good luck


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          I also get unbearable itching, but find it's worse when my Phosphorus level goes above my norm. I usually run 5.5 to 8 on my bloodwork! Trying to get the numbers down, and as I do itching subsides. Check with your doc and dietician about your levels.