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New to kidney failure

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  • kcramer
    Nativegirl65-Just so you are aware that the testing for kidney transplant takes at least 6 weeks to 3 months. The person who is getting transplant has to go through tests and the person giving has to go through test. It took over a month after the blood typing was found to be the same for them to do the 24 hour BP test. Then another month before they did the blood test for my husband when he was rejected because GFR was not high enough 71. One other was rejected although she was a perfect match because she tested positive for TB even though she doesn't have TB. She is a carrier. Then there are other tests that must be done. The person who gives the kidney must have a good heart, no colon problems and not drink or smoke was required. My husband did not test healthy enough when the blood work was done after passing the BP test so I am still waiting on the list. If you son is home only for a few days or weeks, that is not enough time for everything.
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  • Nativegirl65
    started a topic New to kidney failure

    New to kidney failure

    I am 48 and just found out last month that I will have to start dyalis not sure witch PD I am going to do any suggestion ? Also my son is in the marines and when he comes home for Christmas he wants to see if he would be a match for me ,Not sure what the marines will say or do if anyone's knows about that please let me know