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Hi,I want to have home automated dialysis , i

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  • Hi,I want to have home automated dialysis , i

    I was in haemodialysis for10 years then my shunt stopped worked i did 3 shunt surgeries but they failed as i have luous and it affect viens , i read about automated protenial dialysis , i wish to have it ,but i 'm from egypt ,i couldnot find the machine here ,what couldi do , i do dialysis now from a catheter in my neck but it have limited tome to work ,please reply to me ,thanks alot.
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    I had PD catheter installed three weeks ago I am beginning my PT training on Monday and will be doing it and on the catheters not too bad it's just a tube that comes out of the side of your stomach with the catheter attached to it PD is much better you can do it at night time while you're sleeping Davida dialysis center rain check anything pending on where you are right now there is a shortage of the machingso people are just being trained on how to do it manually which with PD training they teach you how to do it manually anyway just in case the power goes out


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      I have done PD dialysis for over a year now and love it. It is so much less intrusive on your body. I am never tired after treatment as I was with Hemo dialysis. The drawback is that I do it ever night for 10 hour as I am asleep. I did Hemo for 18 month through a catheter and can relate to what you are going through as my catheter (four in 18 months) gave me all sorts of problems.