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    Hi everyone,
    I have been in PD training for one week now. Training using the manual method. Next week i will start doing 4 exchanges a day at home for about 30 days. Then I will get my machine . So far it has been OK, but i have been experiencing "drain pain". Hopefully we will be able reduce this to some degree.

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    I do my husband's dialysis here at home also. Its been almost three years now. I've learned that the "drain pain" is where he starts cramping during drainage. Usually that means that he has no more to drain or he's close to finishing. I hope this has helped!


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      I have been a PD patient now for almost a year. My experience was I only had drain pain during my first week of training (manuals).. Once I got on the machine, my PD nurse was able to set my machine on TIDAL which keeps the cath a float while draining. Since then I have had no more pain. I speep right thru except when I get an occasional alarm because I am laying and kinking the tubing. Drain pain can also come on if you are constipated. Oh and also if the surgeon had to clear out a bunch of scar tissue, making your inner wall sesative. Good luck to you.


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        this info is helpful