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what is going on I am passing blood in my urine?

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  • what is going on I am passing blood in my urine?

    What is going on I am passing blood in my urine? Some told me that one of the cist has burst.

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      This sounds pretty serious..... I would recommend calling your doctor or nurse right away. I'm hoping that you have already been in to see them and been evaluated....? If not, please do.


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        I'm a PKD patient on HHD since July 2012 and diagnosed in 2002. I've been informed by my nephrologist that it is not unusual to have a cyst burst from time to time, which results in blood in the urine. I may have experienced this back in fall of 2005, long before reaching Stage V and subsequent hemodialysis. I had received a Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis booster/vaccination a day or so before the blood in the urine presented, and I thought one caused the other. I ran the theory past my PCP and he discounted it. Perhaps the better explaination was a burst cyst in one of my polycystic kidneys. The bleeding was relatively minor and it lasted for a portion of one day.

        I was told my my urologist that this can also happen during particularly engergetic sex, e.g. a vessel somewhere in the urethera can become engorged and burst, think of a vessel in the finger getting tweaked and causing a hematoma, only in this case that hematoma breaks through the wall of the urethera. That can be rather disconcerting to say the least, but he said it is harmless. I tended to disagree as the clotting that followed made it impossible to pass urine later that night. Mercifully, blood clots reslove quickly with warm water.