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My grandmother is going to be starting PD

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  • My grandmother is going to be starting PD

    My grandmother is going to be starting pd within the next couple week and we keep being told that we need to make room for supplies. Can anyone give me an idea how much space we need to clear? Approximate box size and how many we may have at any given time? I appreciate any help. Thanks

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    The box is about 17 in x 10 in. I had 22 boxes total (11 each of 1.5 & 2.5) on my first delivery which fitted on a 2 x 5 ft space. You may want to ask the PD nurse on how much was ordered for you because the center usually does the first order for you. Baxter will mail you a letter and an order form for your next corresponding orders. Hope that answers your question.


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      For you grand-mother or any other elders it would always be better to go for a nursing home or caregivers. As they are always their to provide the better assistance and medical care. While in home people might get them in trouble in some serious situations, as they don't know how to tackle a med prob.

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