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Catheter Problems

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  • Catheter Problems

    My husband started home dialysis 3 weeks ago. Problems with drain started after two weeks. Catheter probe end must have moved. Xray taken on Friday showed the probe is pointing to the belly button. Have to go in surgery AGAIN. I capatalize again because this is surgery number 4 for the same catheter. First time in March to put it in and the end sewed under the skin since we were told it could be awhile before he uses. Second surgery in June to unearth the end (first mistake the surgeon cut the hose and shortened). He did say it was usable. Surgery three - can't use it too short, add an extension. Now we are sitting here waiting for the operating room to have an opening to get in sometime today. He's had no food since last night and a sip water to take with his pills. Anyone else have this problem.