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Making the type of dialysis decision for Ron

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  • Making the type of dialysis decision for Ron

    I am the mother of Ron a 48 yr. old mentally disabled patient who in the 80's received lithium for 11 years resulting in reduced kidney function. They remained OK until about a year ago, they began to deteriorate rapidly and we are now at the point of preparing for dialysis. He also became diabetic about ten years ago and this likely caused the further deterioration of the kidneys. We live in the country in upstate NY, 50 mi. from any dialysis unit in all directions.He is currently retaining quite a bit of fluid so he is overweight and I just learned that peritoneal dialysis can add weight to an already overweight patient! I'm very feeling very anxious right now as we cannot afford to travel several times a week to the center although I suspect this is what the surgeon and nephrologist will be recommending. Has anyone been in this predicament and can give me some insight as to what I can do to best help my son.

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    Re: Making the type of dialysis decision for Ron

    Bassett Healthcare offers home hemo with nxstage they are in Cooperstown and Oneonta


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      Re: Making the type of dialysis decision for Ron

      I am in stage 3 because of lithium. Did he stop taking the lithium and his kidneys decline really fast after that or was he still on the drug when his kidneys went down so fast ? I was just asking because I have quit taking lithium and hope that they become stable because of it. I took it from 1995 to 2012 ( 17 years ). I hope you are able to do whats best for him.
      Good Luck



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        Re: Making the type of dialysis decision for Ron

        Hello Joyce,

        The main DaVita site has a whole section on dialysis options, which may help you make the right choice for you and your son. They also have some patient videos that you might be interested in viewing:

        I am not on dialysis but retaining fluid has been discussed before in other threads, which you should be able to locate thru the search options.

        It may take a bit for someone to respond so be sure to re-post to this thread to bump it back on Today's Posts so other members will have a greater chance of seeing it.

        Marina was on PD prior to TX.... Marina, can you share about your PD experiences and the solutions used, etc?

        My best to you and your son.
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          Re: Making the type of dialysis decision for Ron

          I have only been on p.d. for about 6 weeks. No weight gain. you have to remember to follow the perscribed diet(s) and keep in mind that while on p.d. , you always have a certain amount of p.d. solution in your abdomen at all times. This takes up space and you really cant eat as much as you did pre-p.d.