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    We just found out that my husband probable won't be able to do PD, so now we're thinking about home hemo once he is able. Any thoughts out there? Help

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    Re: home hemo

    I have to make a decision about HEMO vs PD. I would like to do PD but had the fistula installed since it takes a good while to heal. I have read the forums and note that if you st ick your self in the same place each tiime a button hole (like the hole for an earring) forms and it is much more bearable. Good luck in your venture. The good thing is that you feel so much better after dialysis.

    Stage 5 CKD / Non diabetic, Controlled HBP / Diagnosed with SLE - Feb 1975 / Remission - July 2003 / Diagnosed with Lupus Kidney Disease - 1989 / Fistula installed - Aug 2011 / Ballooned - May 2012 / May not be candidate for kidney transplant or PD(Blood transfusion; stomach hernia repair, caesarian birth, etc.) (MY JOURNEY)


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      Re: home hemo

      Originally posted by Sooz98 View Post
      We just found out that my husband probable won't be able to do PD, so now we're thinking about home hemo once he is able. Any thoughts out there? Help
      Home Hemo is a wonderful choice. You just have to choose which cycler best fits you and your home. I have been using the NxStage System One for over 6 years and I cant say anything bad about it. Great support techs that are always there 24/7 to answer your questions. You are treated like family rather than just another caller that is in their query to answer. No water hookup required though they do have the Pureflow where you can create your own batches. Even with this, you dont have to have your SCUBA License to learn how to use it.
      Most on NxStage are able to get off of all bp meds within the first week. Daily dialysis is the way to go.
      This is not to say that other dialysis cyclers are a bad choice. I am just speaking in my own opinion.
      Your nephrologist should inform you about every type of cycler availalbe even if they dont use the particule one at your center. It is still their duty to inform you and teach you on what is best for you...not them. By all means...ask questions and then ask some more. If they are unwilling or tell you not to worry about it, as I said in another may be time to look for a new nephrologist. A good nephrologist and his/her team will expect you to ask difficult questions.

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        good luck with that
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          I'll go with what M3 said.

          There are many reasons for all of the types of Hemo. Yours will be unique to you.

          I have just started Home Hemo and for me it is much better than in center. I was not given the choice for PD by my surgeon so that was that.


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            I have never posted on here before. I visit at times to read posts. My husband has been doing dialysis since November of 2012. We started doing home hemo dialysis since March 8, 2012. It is the best decision me and him ever made. I dialysis him 4 times a week on our schedule. I work full time. We dont have to run to the center to dialysis. He is more healthier by doing it at home. He doesnt have to worry about going in and out of the cold weather. You have to have a caregiver. Just look at all the options. We do the Nxstage pureflo. They trained us for a month. They were very patient and answered all questions. Good Luck with your decision. Just remember you can always change your mind if you feel it is not right for you.


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              Do you have nursing experience or were you just able to learn how to do everything ?


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                You don't need to be a nurse or ave any special training. The center will provide all the training you will need. I have some chemistry and toxicology background so there were many things I was already familiar with but the nurse and center more than made sure I knew how to do it.

                The first step is to have your nephrologist recommend you to a center. You can always contact a center and start there too. Your center will evaluate you and your partner to see if it's something you are suited for.

                Once you get connected to a center they will arange a training schedule. It usually lasts 3-5 weeks. Then a nursse will generally spend a week at your home.

                I am just completing training now and am very happy.


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                  Thanks for the info. I'm a newbee to all of this(3 Weeks) so any and all information is a help to us.I don't know yet what the worst is,the food you can't have ,the clinic 3 days a week,the whole change of life style ----or everything else.


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                    It's not fun, it can be tolerable. It can be down right a pain too. Fortunately there are hpefully enough reqouces to get you through it as best as possible.


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                      Problems with graft. PD unsuccessful.. Surgeon supposed to put in fistula so we could access with buttonholes. Says vein mapping good. But put in graft instead. 3rd surgeon said fistula could've easily been done, but in 2 stages "and maybe 1st surgeon in too much of a hurry!" (Quote) We returned to 1st surgeon 2X, Center nurses unable to use graft, severe edema for 4 mos. his partner, 2nd surgeon said keep trying it. Both refused our strong plea for fistulogram or venagram. Finally went to 3rd surgeon found 90% graft blockage and fixed. We are successful about 75% -80% of the time----can't access some of graft due to twists and turns in it. Sometimes we use catheter that is soon to be removed for one access site, but that's a no-no. Getting very frustrated and stressed. Labs very good on home hemo but don't know if we can deal with stress!!!


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                        I am a fan....on Home hemo 3 is daily for a month, but really good. I am in CT.....have a great nurse...they show you everything....there are a bunch of people out there doiing well. Hardest part is setting up machine 4 or 5X week......and injecting yourself...they teach you how. Good luck


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                          I liked your answer....I am on Home Hemo in CT for 3 months....I am trying to get a nurse was able to do one, I have to do the other. Now I know why my nephrologist and nurse have been reducing my BP meds.....I was fighting it.....its all sodifferent from in center. Thanks for your words.



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                            I've been treating with home hemo since July 2012 and have been "home" since early September 2012. I can't sing high enough praises for the modality. It is the only dialysis option that I've ever known, as my training in the clinic was planned and conducted while I still had plenty of residual kidney function in Stage V. My nephrologist referred me for the creation of a fistula in October 2011.

                            I have PKD and while I continue to produce adequate urine, the 5X per week home hemo removes toxins that my kidneys no longer do effectively. My nutrutional values have been excellent since starting dialysis and I've been able to reduce my BP meds. I just recently was able to get off of phosphorus binders that I had been taking up to two at each meal. My anemia (hemoglobin) has been managed so well that I have been able to reduce my EPO script from 5000 IU 3X per week to 2000 IU 1X per week. The flexibility in treatment schedule have allowed me to continue my full time job and put in up to 11 hours per day in the office as well as business travel over my two off treatment days per week.

                            If you have the time, read some of the extensive posts I've written about the process of home hemo - self cannulation using button holes, the challenges of developing a working fistula and the physical and mental health benefits.
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                              We've been doing home hemo for about a year and a half now. It's fantastic. In center I would be done for the day after dialysis. It's so draining. But with home hemo when we're done I'm good to go after about 10 minutes. (varies with the amount of weight we're taking off but generally, 10 minutes and a quick snack and I'm fine.). I highly recommend it to anyone. It does take a commitment from your partner as their lives will change as well. They're tied down to being near you at all times. That's not to say that they have to be right near you, but somewhere close in case there's a problem.