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New to forum - husband on PD

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  • New to forum - husband on PD

    Just wanted to introduce myself. My husband is doing PD. It's been a long battle and I've got a lot of interesting emotions. He is cooperating and no longer fighting this. For the attitude change, I am soooo happy. He is not much of a group person but I am going to try to encourage him to join the forum as I believe it will help him tremendously. So, for the moment, it will be me chiming in. Asking 101 questions and sharing our experiences as well.

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    Re: New to forum - husband on PD

    Welcome.... You will find many wonderful people here that understand completely.

    My boyfriend is the renal patient, he just started PD in July. Like you, I had/continue to have many different emotions. I have posted about it here on the forum and I feel better knowing that others here understand just how I feel.

    Please ask all the questions you need and feel free to share your story as well.
    Boyfriend is the renal patient:

    Diabetes completely controlled with diet
    Hypertension better with the new med schedule.

    PD as of 7/25/2011

    Finally got the call on 12/20/2011 that he has been listed at Cedars Sinai.


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      Re: New to forum - husband on PD

      Welcome to the Kidney Club LOL.

      This site will provide you with information as well as people who really care. People who REALLY understand. It is so hard for those not dealing with these specifics issues to truly understand it, to speak the terminology, etc.

      My husband started PD dialysis in May. We were completely taken off guard, he hadn't had labs done in years (he's diabetic and should've done them) so we had no idea that his kidneys had failed until a simple lab test.

      I wish you the best of luck in your journey. My husband doesn't get on the forum but I keep him apprised of the information I learn. It is so great to witness others getting through the struggle, all the way to the end when the transplant happens, through talking with them on the site.

      BTW, my husband is on a transplant list now and things are going well but there are so many times we struggled with all of the emotional ups and downs. You'll make it through.


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        Re: New to forum - husband on PD

        I'll be right with you...asking a bajillion questions! I just joined the forum last week, and I have to say, it's the most positive, informative and supportive group I've seen yet! I haven't had to start PD yet - just had the catheter placed in case I do - but I no longer fear it as much as I did b/c of the many things people have shared on this site! Good luck! We're all in this together!


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          Re: New to forum - husband on PD

          Hi everyone...
          have decided to go on nocturnal PD.. I asked many people, including
          a retired kidney dr. who said it's the best available.
          my question, with nocturnal pd, with a machine, can you travel and I
          suppose use the gravity thing?
          thanks if anyone knows.
          joe a


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            Re: New to forum - husband on PD

            Hi all I am new to the group my kidney shutdown September 21, 2011 I have been on a hemo cath for the past few months two weeks ago we got the PD cath put in so I am waiting to use my PD cath. I have seen allot of spouse and girlfriends saying they have had a hard time. Please let your hubby and boyfriends know to hang in there. I would tell you that my pd cath hurts as far as healing but the benefits out way hemo any day of the week. I start training in three weeks and I can't wait. I get my life back for the most part. I have applied for transplant and was told as soon as I can get some dental work done that I will be listed. As far as traveling yes you can travel and my PD nurse encourages it. Hang in there all we are all in this fight together.


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              Re: New to forum - husband on PD

              My boyfriend just started PD last month. It has been an overall positive change. I have had many emotions also throughout the process. Jarod still has his days when he gets overwhelmed and frustrated but hopefully he will stop fighting this soon. It can feel like a rollercoaster but it's nice to know we have a place like this to come and get support. Good luck with everything.

              And don't feel bad asking so many questions...I am full of them too.
              Boyfriend is patient: Jarod 27yo

              Dx: ANCA Vasculitis resulting in Chronic Renal Failure. 6/10/2011
              2 rounds of Cytoxan therapy
              Controlled Hypertension, TEE 9/20 that showed a clot on tip of Perm Cath, Hospitilization 9/20 - 9/23 for probable Endocarditis (Has artificial Heart Valve) PD consult 10/4
              Transplant Surgeon Consult for PD placement 10/6
              PD Cath placement 11/04
              Manual PD at home 11/28