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Dialysis in The Philippines

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  • Dialysis in The Philippines

    Hello, My cousin in the Philippines has started his dialysis 1 week ago. I am not sure how he is going to provide continuing care for his dialysis but Philippine Heath Care is not that great if you dont have money you will die. There is no health insurance.

    I am just wondering if you guys know any organization who helps indigent people who cannot afford Dialysis. He is right now at the Kidney Center of the Philippines.He has a heart condition that is why he cannot have transplant. He is from a very poor family, I am sending him$70 a month to cover 3 dialysis in a month but that is not enough. Any Information will be greatly appreciated

    I really wanted to help him to prolong his life.

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    I'm going to stay in the Philippines for a while and I'm on dialysis 3 times a week , I heard that da vita have a clinic there I just want to know where is the location of their clinic aroaund me ? I lived in montalban rizal I have to travel far to get dialized I want at least near me because I get tired easy now.and as you know the traffic is so bad that it takes a while just to go to dialysis center that around me.thanks ....