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    I'm not sure if I would call myself "new". My husband went on hemodialysis in Sept 2016 and switched to In Home PD in February 2017. I can't get him to drink the water he needs to, or eat enough protein. At age 70, I had to go back to work full time in order to pay insurance premiums and bills and meds. We have no family members close enough to help out, so it all falls onto me and I'm becoming severely depressed. I don't know if this forum is the right place for this or not, but I need a place to vent or find emotional support and I have none. He has become verbally mean and hateful toward me and there are times that I don't even want to come home from work. It's definitely not a good situation and I just don't know where to turn or what to do.

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    Hi hialpine2, I'm so glad you reached out here as these forums are a great place to connect with others who may be going through similar experiences as you. It's often helpful to know you're not alone as being a caregiver can be overwhelming. Aside from gaining support in these forums, have you had a chance to speak with a local social worker? They can also be a great resource - for both you and your husband - and can provide ways to cope, manage the stress, etc.

    Wishing you and your husband the best! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding the tools and resources offered through myDaVita!


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      I have been on hemodialysis now for six months. At the beginning of my Home treatments, I felt that I was the one dealing with the most stress, but it wasn't long that I realized that my support person (My wife) was the one that had to deal with more stress. A person forgets that its not just the time you are getting on and off the machine but the time that is left in the day to try and get other things done. Everything we do is scheduled around my treatments and its hard for family and friends to understand that we just can't up and do something. Then there is the part where my wife works part time and there is a lot of stress from that just adds to the support stress. You have made a good first step just wanting to talk about it and sometimes just being able to vent helps the most. My wife and I have been pretty lucky that our Davita group are so helpful. My wife can call at anytime with questions and help.