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    I started dialysis on July 18 2017. It has taken a lot of getting used to. First of all I have to sit 4 hours and have difficulty sitting for 4 hours due to severe back issues. I bring several cushions with Mr but varies as to if t he's me or not.
    also my blood pressure is all over the chart. Sometimes it is good sometimes very high or a low heart rate. When I stand at the end for my last pressure once in awhile it will be 200 over something. I don't have any symptomd. Or my heart rate will drop to 37. Again I have no sympyoms of any problems.
    what gets me is the financial fost. For the month of August mt clinic billed my insurance company $93,000 for treatnent. Not everything was paid. For the month my share was $800++. if that is going to be my out of pocket expense that means it will cost me about $10,000 per yeR. I can't afford that what do I do?
    any suggestions how to get thru treatment physically andfinancially?

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    Look at the top of this page under "Services"; it will maybe give you some advice about finances. I am not on dialysis yet, so I'm sorry I can't help with that. No one can afford to pay that much out of pocket every month. I am on Medicare plus I have a supplemental insurance that I think will take care of most of the cost when that time comes. I sincerely hope you start feeling better soon. Chris