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  • PD Home Dialysis Dizziness

    Need help understanding how to get rid of dizziness. Is it due to low blood pressure or solutions not in synch or dehydration. Any suggestions on how to pinpoint and fix?

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    Hi cobralady2010 that is a great question. You have identified some of the most common causes and they can all be contributing to your dizziness. Several factors can impact your blood pressure which, if running low, can cause dizziness. Start by checking your blood pressures before, after and once during day. Review your treatment, dialysate strengths and medications with your dialysis team. If you don't have signs of extra fluid you don't want to pull extra water off. Don't wait until next visit, give your PD RN a call and explain your symptoms. You will want to review what you take in for fluid and diet plus what you are removing for water or ultrafiltration with your dialysis treatment. If your weight is close to or below what your Nephrologist has provided as your "target weight" you should try to stay close and not remove too much fluid. It could also be medication related so you absolutely want to reach out to the dialysis team and review. If you are sitting take your blood pressure then stand and recheck blood pressure again. If pressure drops when standing that may be a sign that you are slightly dehydrated or you may need a change in your medications or treatment regimen. The best approach is to take all the information such as your vital signs, your flowsheet information and call the clinic so they can help you pinpoint the fix! You are on the right track with identifying that there is an issue so follow up and close the loop so you can avoid moving forward. If you are new to PD it can take some time to regulate your treatments and avoid swings in blood pressure. Once you identify the cause it will allow you to adjust which may need to be done regularly to avoid low blood pressure. Great question and I am sure this will help others.
    Thank you for posting.
    M.Cassin RN
    Nashua NH