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    Can PD dialysis be done in center?

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    Hi TionneB great question. Each dialysis center has specific licensure and certifications as well as state regulations that are required. Typically PD is performed in a certified PD outpatient center that may be attached to a certified in center hemodialysis unit or it may be an independent home unit. PD has specific requirements that are unique to performing the treatment in a space that is separated and in center hemodialysis units are not typically set up to support PD on the hemodialysis floor. Some units have tried to partition off space on the hemodialysis floor to allow for PD but I am not aware that this has been done successfully and certified. PD treatments can be done in the certified PD unit for specific situations such as urgent start PD or respite care. You should inquire with your local dialysis clinic to see what is being offered for services to support PD. Thank you for your inquiry.
    Michelle Cassin RN