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    I thought I'd share my experiences as a home hemo patient who choose to go to the clinic.
    For the first four years I chose to do home dialysis with Nxstage, and there were a lot of advantages to being able to do treatments on my schedule. However, through a series of events it became necessary to use a Permacath as my access. That's when I found out the stressful toll home treatment had taken on my wife. The added stress of the meticulous care needed with the catheter was the last straw; she constantly worried she would do something wrong and hurt me. Logic and my confidence in her ability didn't help, she had reached a point where panic won out. I immediately ceased home dialysis in favor of in-clinic treatments.
    I've been in-center now for about 14 months, and I like it. I found a Davita clinic that is 15 minutes from home, and that is served by my nephrologist, so I could stay with my doctors. I've had to make some adjustments for a less flexible schedule, but the clinic is always willing to try to accommodate special requests. So far I've always been able to work things out to avoid missing any treatments. We've also regained a bedroom that looks less like a hospital room, and of course my wife has put down a heavy burden, something that makes me glad, too.
    The moral of the tale is that there are pros and cons to either choice of dialysis location, and some of the affects are harder on your partner than you might think.