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My husband is having a really hard time sleeping...trying to get some help

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  • My husband is having a really hard time sleeping...trying to get some help

    I have created a page on

    I am wondering if any of you would share it? I am trying to raise the funds to be able to get him a new mattress. He is in stage 5 renal failure. He has been on PD since July 2012. He has had problems sleeping since his kidneys started failing, but it has been really bad lately. Our mattress has started to get holes in it and springs are coming through. It would be a huge help for us if I could get some help with sharing the page. Thank you so much!

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    Hi spugh316,

    A sheet of plywood might help with the firmness, usually helps with the sagging issues, as for the holes and springs maybe a few extra sheets or bed covers on top of them, might also be of use. For helping with going to sleep, tell him to lie still and think of his toes for a few minutes, than his ankles, than his knees, than his thighs, than his hips, than his stomach, than his sides, than his arms, than his shoulders, than his eye brows, if he's still not sleeping tell him to think of all of the 50 states, in alphabetical order. Good Luck.


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      Hi spugh316,
      I just kinda ran into this site. I noticed the date of your post and it's been over a year. How is your husband doing?


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        Sleeplessness is one of the physical symptoms associated with kidney failure. This together with loss of appetite, nausea, cramping, fatigue, difficultly thinking clearly, and perhaps a few others I missed are the product of toxins and fluids building up in the blood stream owed to the failing kidneys ability to remove them. Diet can play a big role in causing the symptoms. but generally the most effective solution is either dialysis or kidney transplant.

        While the prospects of dialysis may seem grim, consider that it is a very well developed therapy that treats the failure of a major organ - the kidneys. Other major organ failures require some invasive form of full time life support or an organ transplant to sustain life.


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          She's not looking for solutions, she's looking for us to buy here a new bed.


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            We are clearly here to get and provide advise and steer clear of financial donations - regardless of the cause. However, I won't discount the effects of decent bedding on a good night's sleep.

            I have now treated nocturnally in five different beds. The most consistently restful sleep that I've gotten so far during a nocturnal treatment was on a $6000 fully naturally organic matress composed of a sponge material. My care partner/spouse's friend owned the bed and having substantial weath invested in certainly one of the most expensive matresses available. If I hadn't experienced 5 consecutive nights on the thing I would have been skeptical, but in this case it seemed to be worth it.

            I also treated nocturnally on a mid tier and a couple upper tier hotel beds, which were all improvements from the trundle day bed that I sleep in for nocturnal treatments at home. It could certainly be the bedding or the fact that it's only a twin bed in contrast to the queen bed that my spouse and I share that is the cause of my consistently waking several times per night during a nocturnal treatment. The somewhat restless sleep on the twin day bed could also be attributed to the absence of my spouse - it's far too small for two people. It's only two nights per week, but still I may have to give consideration to improved bedding.