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Can we take regular Bath if we choose PD ?

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  • Can we take regular Bath if we choose PD ?

    My Mother is undergoing Hemo Dialysis with lot of pain. Her hand gets swollen every now and then.

    If we go for Automatic PD using Reclycler, can she take bath or Shower ? I think water should not touch Catheter to avoid infections. Correct me if I am wrong. And what if she has to go to restroom/bathroom at night ? Can she stop PD recycler machine and go to Restroom ? And come back again and restart ? Please help.

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    I just wanted to comment on your question...and give you the info that I have. My husband is on PD Dialysis. We order supplies once a month, they deliver them two weeks later...and it is a GODSEND to be able to do this from home. My husband is still working full time and this was the best option for us. He is blessed and so am I. Yes, after a time, she would be able to take a shower..but if she still felt uneasy (which my husband does) she can cover up the site with plastic and tape...and shower away. We order extensions to the "sets" that go on the cycler...and they are 12 feet long in addition to the length that is already on the set. He can go almost everywhere in our house.... even out to the laundry room... HE DOES OUR LAUNDRY... seee I am blessed as well!!!... We are very very pleased and blessed to be able to do this from home and without "blood" being a part of it... he is squeemish...and this is so much a blessing... He sleeps through most of the cycle and we disconnect in the morning and he gets ready for work.... and off he goes!