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high/low BP - cramps

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  • high/low BP - cramps

    Hi all, I've been on home PD for 4 months now, and i still have nurse said it's bcuz im most likely all bound up, i've been on laxatives but most nights i cramp still...and besides that i cant seem to get control of my bp...before it was way too high, then got on 2 bp pills....wieght was coming off, then my bp got terribly low, i cant seem to get at a happy medium. I've tried twice going back to work but couldn't stay past two hrs - i was so lighheaded and started throwing up..I need to get back to work ASAP - my disability ends today.. ;( any suggestions for wither of my problems? I feel like im talking to a wall when i talk with my nurse..Thanks for any input

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    Can you change doctors and nurse. They are generally not the only ones you can go to. I f you're not getting answers to your questions, you should change. Also, if you feel like you're not getting answers from the professionals who should be answering your questions, call the ESRD Network and file a complaint. Especially if you're on Home PD. You need good, solid support from your nurse and doc!

    Cramping is a sign you're taking too much fluid off. It's NOT good. Back off on what you remove. The weight may be to the solids in your system if your constipated. It may not be fluid weight. Take that into consideration when you calculate how much to remove.

    I don't know about the BP and the nausea at work. That doesn't sound right. The low BP could be causing that. I don't know. Perhaps someone else can help with this. But you doc and nurse should be giving you better answers than... "You're bound up"!

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      Thanks Devon for the input. I am at my "dry" wieght now, that took some time to figure out..last night i did not wake up with any cramps, just on my intial drain. Still waiting for my nurse to contact me.


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        My husband has the cramping from time to time. Our nurse told us to use heparin, and taught us how to use it. Maybe you can talk to your nurse about using it it help you with the cramping? Good luck