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    Still have a cath. in place but thinking I might want to give home PD on the machine a try. My question is what type of table/storage system do people use. I have been looking into some type of cart to place the machine on and hold the supplies but can't seem to find one I think might work well.

    Thank you in advance

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    I am my husband's caregiver. When he had his catheter for pd put in, he had to do hemo-dialysis for 6 weeks. This required 3 trips a week to a hospital an hour and a half from where we live. I had lots of time to shop. ;-). Since we were still using the double bed that we had purchased 40+ yrs ago when we first married, I felt it was time to up-grade to a queen! That and the fact that we were both 75lbs heavier and getting harder to fit in the bed comfortably!
    I found a set that also included an entertainment unit. The cycler fits on a shelf level with the bed. There is an additional shelf and two drawers which I keep all the supplies for cycler. I also have all the dressing handy when I change the exit site. In the morning, after cleaning up, the doors are shut and you'd never know that dialysis is part of our lives. As for storage of solution, we are fortunate to have a large house and have an open area where we store boxes along one wall, (visitors are amazed at how much is needed), I always tell them that we have Baxter d├ęcor and wallpaper.
    I smiled when I read your user name.......I live in the Canadian prairies and we are experiencing a rather nasty blizzard today, I have a 6 ' snow drift across the driveway and couldn't see to drive anywhere anyway. My cool breeze is gusting to 44 mph and the temp is 8* F!

    A cheaper solution/suggestion is to look at restaurant supply serving carts?

    I also want to mention, he's been on hemo, did manual bags for 6 months prior to the cycler and it's a hands down winner to be able to do the night cycler. We were able to do quite a bit of travelling last summer, packed all that we could in the SUV and came home when supplies ran out. He is doing sooo much better, the healthiest looking sick person I know.

    Good luck in your journey.


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      Hello, My Mother is finding it very painful to undergo Hemo Dialysis in INDIA twice per week. I live in USA. Her hand is getting swollen very often with lot of pain. We are planning to try 'At Home Peritoneal Dialysis' using some Recycler Machine. Which is the best Recycler machine and how much it costs ? I think Baxter is a good brand. I am trying to find if we can get some good machines in India. I was also thinking to take a Machine from US to India. Is it a good thing to buy used one, since new Recyclers are very costly. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Regards.


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        You will NOT be able to use a US machine in India. Our electrical mains power supply is 60 hz, and India (as much of the rest of the world) uses 50hz power. Also, we use 115V, and India uses 220V. The power plugs will be different, as well, since we use NEMA 2 and 3 blade sockes, whereas India uses 2 and 3 round pin sockets. These are completely incompatible.


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          harbor freight has a tool cart that can be used . Just turn top shelf upside down


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            hghatap - I would recommend finding a provider of home dialysis for your mother in India. DaVita operates there in partnership with Nephrolife in some of the major cities. The website is I hope this was helpful.


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              We are new to peritoneal dialysis, and yes you need a cart and it should have wheels so it can be easily moved around. It should have a shelf or two to store supplies especially if using the cycler at night which is what we are looking forward to. I found a cabinet on wheels and then replaced the wheels with larger ones that would make it easier to wheel the cart. If you go on line to dialysis supplies I think they have carts on line.Hope that helps.