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  • shoulder pain

    is there any relationship with pd and shoulder pain? started when I was increased to a 3rd bag. mostly on 1st fill

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    Great question. Typically shoulder pain is related to air that has entered the cavity and by gravity rises up and creates pain in shoulders. Ensure you are flushing lines prior to fill mode on both CAPD and APD/Cycler based PD therapy. You should always flush prior to fill on CAPD and check drain line on cycler to avoid pushing too much air into cavity. All lines should have fluid unless clamped off so view each line prior to connecting to cycler. Immediately post operatively patients can also experience similar pain secondary to specific surgical techniques for PD catheter placement. Review a complete cycler set up with your PD RN and walk through steps to ensure you are not missing anything or inadvertently getting air into the cavity. It will eventually make its way out but I do know it can be very painful.


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      It amazes me how closely the abdomin relates to shoulder...when I had a baby by c section...i felt the same pain while they tied my tubes afterwards