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CAPD Dialysate Absorption?

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  • CAPD Dialysate Absorption?

    Hi all! Hoping someone has an answer for something we're experiencing. Been doing CAPD since Feb. 2. Still urinating. For the past several days have had very low drains and peeing much more. Dry weight is steady, no fluid retention. Does dialysate get absorbed and urinated out? If so does this mean that the toxins the dialysate has absorbed are getting dumped back into his body? We're going to call his team tomorrow (Monday) but really want to get some input from others so we have a better idea of what is going on.

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    Some people do have a greater absorption rate, with that being said some people do not leave 500 in to float the catheter, but talk with your Doctor about the issue, I know one person that has that same problem. Joel


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      Peeing is good, that means you have more residual kidney function.


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        Hi Paul
        Thank you for posting on the CAPD forum. Sometimes the initiation of dialysis support that the residual renal function that you have and your kidney function will pick up and your urine production will increase. You may be drinking and eating more because you are starting to feel better which also contributes to output. Also the dialysate strength you are using will impact your urine output as well. Assuming you are using all 1.5% dextrose, if you are able to maintain target weight with no signs of excess fluid such as swelling, increase in blood pressure or shortness of breath then it sounds as if your first weeks on PD are going great. Keep up the good work and pay close attention to your symptoms. Write changes down on your flow sheets and stay in touch with your PD RN and MD. The more details you provide the more feedback they can provide guidance and ensure you remain stable at home.

        Michelle Cassin RN CPDN
        Sr. Clinical Director
        Nashua NH


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          Same thing happens to me....i get up 4 or 5 times to per at nite while on annoying


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            My team says it's normal