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Does anyone have a 'travel required' job on CAPD?

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  • Does anyone have a 'travel required' job on CAPD?

    I am currently a kidney transplant patient and am having a 2nd rejection episode in 15.5 years with decreasing creatine over time so I figure dialysis is once again going to be coming into the picture for me. Previously I did hemo-dialysis as that fit my life style then.. but am considering CAPD for when the time comes again.

    My current job is a telecommuter (I work from my garage) has a travel requirement of 25% requirement which is about a week or two on the road every month or two to usually one or two locations; primarily in the United States but also occasionally South America, Australia, and Western Europe. My travel schedule is sometimes made 2 months ahead of time.. otherwise 3-4 days ahead of the flight.

    One of the things I am trying to prepare myself for is that will my job still be compatible with dialysis or should I prepare now for also having to find a new position. I feel my company would likely be able to accommodate me with a different position without travel but also other catches in terms of title and pay.

    I would like to still be able to travel and maintain my position as much as possible even if the travel is limited to the US; but also remember being on hemo-dialsysis that travel arrangements were usually difficult and sometimes quite expensive requiring cash payment. Outside of the US I do not know how that would work.

    So my question is, has anyone been able to maintain a "travel required" position on CAPD and what challenges present themselves.. especially considering unexpected layovers where you are stuck in an airport or your trip gets extended while onsite?


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    I travel quite a but it has never a problem. The airlines are required by law to fly your cycler for free and the supplies are not that much, you should have few problems.


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      I don't do dialysis but my question would be how easy is it to get your supplies delivered to a hotel out of country? I would talk to your local dialysis center and see what the possibilities are.


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        Thank you for the great question crs0user. There is an entire section dedicated to travel located in the forum that you should check out. There is also a previous post regarding travel on CAPD in this section as well that I would recommend. PD allows for travel both in and outside of the US in most cases. Your dialysis team will need notice for international travel to ensure the supplies can be arranged and that you will have the necessary support in case of emergency, but given your trips are relatively short you should be able to maintain travel in your current role. I would be recommend sitting with your team when you begin having discussions on modality options and which one would be best. Be sure to discuss your current role, travel and ways to ensure you can remain in the same job if that is your goal. The Social Worker will also be very helpful as you make decisions. PD/CAPD affords tremendous flexibility and in most cases the PD/CAPD supplies can be shipped in advance of your travel to your destination. Good luck in your journey and please reach out with any other questions you may have along the way.

        Michelle Cassin RN CPDN
        Nashua NH