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    Q: What is the quantity of monthly supplies needed for CAPD?

    A: Typically a CAPD patient will perform 4 manual CAPD exchanges per 24 hours. A delivery of CAPD supply is shipped to a patients home monthly unless the prescription is changed by the physician. Approximately 20-25 cases of dianeal solution is delivered and replenished monthly. The ongoing monthly supply order is placed by the patient by calling the vendor on an established schedule to ensure timely delivery to the patients home. Patients are trained on supply ordering during their initial training for CAPD. The first order received at home is typically the largest order and contains dianeal solution plus other items that are only replaced when necessary such as an IV pole and blood pressure cuff. The monthly order also contains ancillaries such as tape, exit site dressing materials and caps. Patients are trained to count and rotate their dianeal solution stock and account for usage during the month. The vendor provides ordering information and delivery schedules to ensure the patient places their supply order on time and is available to receive at home.

    Michelle Cassin RN CPDN
    Sr. Clinical Director
    Nashua, N.H.

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