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    I'm thinking about switching to PD but have a question. I know you're not supposed to go in public swimming pools but what about amusement park rides that get you wet? Like Splash Mountain. Are rides like that to be avoided or can you poncho up and ride?

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    Wow jmfuents we love to see PD patients enjoying the summer and staying engaged in these types of activities which is a benefit of home modalities. If you prepare your exit site with a dressing and then perform exit care and redress after the ride you should be fine. You want to ensure the site is clean and dry after you expose the site to moisture. You should always discuss your activity with your dialysis care team since they are most familiar with your current clinical status. You would not want to get the exit site wet if you have any type of exit site infection. You also want to secure the PD catheter to avoid and eliminate any stress to the exit site from pulling or trauma. Enjoy the summer and the rides! MichelleDaVitaRN