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    Must I begin dialysis as soon as the PD tube is inserted.

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    Great question Andersji1 the initiation of dialysis treatment after access is placed is dependent upon your individual clinical need. Typically a new PD catheter is not utilized for full volume PD for up to two weeks after placement which allows the exit site time to heal. Some patients will initiate PD therapy urgently and use of the PD catheter may begin very soon after placement with low volume supine PD therapy in an outpatient setting. Some patients can receive what is called a "buried" PD catheter and that type of placement allows for the PD catheter to be placed in a subcutaneous pocked (under the skin) until it is needed which may not be for up to a year. Your nephrologist is likely placing a PD catheter because he/she believes you are close to needing dialysis and wants you to have a prepared access that is ready to be utilized. Your labs are monitored and the nephrologist can tell when you are getting closer to the need for dialysis by reviewing your labs and your individual symptoms. Preparing in advance helps to avoid emergent dialysis starts with use of a Central Venous Catheter which, if avoidable, is an overall clinical benefit for you. Good luck on your journey and let us know how it goes. We are happy to answer any question you may have in the future. MCassinDaVitaRN