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  • CAPD and CCPD

    Are you able to switch freely from being on the cycler some days and just doing CAPD on others? I ask because I am a 3-12 hr a week night shift worker and I'd like to try PD, but I live half my week as a night person and half as a day person. Could I do CCPD before work for 3 days and then when my 3 shifts are done do CAPD for the "transition day" and resume CCPD during the nights when I'm not working? If it sounds confusing, it is, but it's the only way I think it could work for me.

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    jmfuents one of the benefits of PD is the flexibility the modality offers and the ability to work dialysis into your life and not the opposite. I would bring your work schedule into clinic and sit down with the PD RN and test out different cycler programs so you don't have to keep both types of solution at home. The RN could potentially get orders from your nephrologist for two different programs that work for your alternating schedule allowing you to flex between day and night but still use your cycler for everything. Its absolutely an option and I would test adequacy after a couple of weeks with alternating prescriptions to ensure you are still getting adequate dialysis. If that doesn't work out you can definitely discuss use of CAPD in conjunction with cycler. Quality of life is a top priority so get creative with your dialysis team and let us know how it works out. Great question for the forum. McassinDaVitaRN