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Infrared Sauna?

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  • Infrared Sauna?

    Started PD a month ago. We have an infrared sauna at home which I used to use prior to dialysis (especially in the winter). Is it still safe/ok to continue using it? Any special considerations?

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    Hi gjcannon that is a great question. As you know the infrared sauna is using light to heat your body vs. use of heat to warm the air. I would ask your PD catheter surgeon or nephrologist what type of PD catheter you have and then speak directly to the manufacturer of the PD catheter to determine if the infrared light has any impact on the PD catheter material itself or potentially the adapter. Its always good to make sure use of the sauna is not having an unintended impact on the transfer set material itself. I would also let your nephrologist know you are using the sauna. Anytime you are exposed to a process that increases metabolism or body temperature you have potential to loose fluid and it is good for the team to know about use of sauna so they can account for that fluid loss when determining your target weight and ultrafiltration. Thanks for presenting your question and be sure to let us know what your find out.