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  • Missing PD treatment

    I am on numbers a good and my last clearance was 3.7. I still urinate quite a bit so I don't have issues with fluid retention really. On occasion I skip a sleep over my sisters...or for example last night due to a stomach bug because the night prior the "fill" caused me to have issues throwing up all night...having to unhook to get to bathroom was impossible much harm do I do by doing this? I feel great I said my numbers are good

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    Great question kimmyp123 having residual kidney function is a huge benefit and helps to clear toxins and remove fluid. Any time you experience symptoms such as vomiting, bowel changes or illness you should reach out to your Nephrologist. Dialysis related infections can cause symptoms that are similar to a virus or flu like syndrome but require treatment and should always be evaluated when you are on dialysis. Anytime you are not feeling well and loosing fluid by either vomiting or diarrhea your electrolytes, such as potassium, can be impacted. Missing a treatment can also impact your electrolytes, toxins and fluid balance on any given day based on what you have taken in. I would recommend reaching out to your dialysis nurse or nephrologist regarding missing treatments to ensure your labs and overall clinical status remain stable. Overtime missing treatments can impact your health and having great outcomes is what counts to ensure you continue to feel well. Its a great question and I am sure it will help others.


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      Do you use the extension tubing so that you have plenty of tubing to give you slack so you can go to the bathroom at night? That way, you shouldn't have to unhook just to go to the bathroom. I also keep a small trash can at the ready in case I get sick in the middle of the night because I don't like throwing up in a toilet. I'm allergic to shellfish and have had many surprise instances where my food was cooked with shellfish and I got sick in the middle of the night. Hope these two tips help. Also, from someone who's being doing this for year, I would never skip a night without clearing it by your doctor, even though your numbers are great. When your numbers are good and you feel decent, it's easy to fall into a false sense of security about your health and not think that skipping every once in a while will hurt. If you need to stay with your sister once every week, maybe you and your doctor can work that into your schedule and maybe you do manuals that day. I know it can be a pain trying manage all this, but you'll figure it out. My nurse reminds me that I'm the one in control of my treatment with PD, and it can be so tempting to skip an extra night because I'm tired or don't feel good, but I also know that the toxins and fluid will eventually build up, even though, I also still have urine output. Good luck to you!