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  • STAGE V PD question

    Does anyone have ALOT of kidney stones and doing PD? If so can you share your experience, & do you continue getting UTI's on PD? I still urinate plenty don't know if that will change, will it? thanks for any replies

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    Hi I was on pd for 5 yrs and I still urinate over time it will change not all at once but I think you will notice you don't urinate as much as you once did because you won't drink as much fluid as before at least that's what I noticed everyone's body system works different just be aware of what you eat and drink make sure you pay attention to your labs and adjust your fluid and meals accordingly as far as the kidney stone and the uti no I didn't have any talk with Your doctor and pd nurse take care and I hope this helps


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      I've had a few stones...not real painful ones...but they're tbere......i stay away from soda and spinach...seems to work for me