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Low Drain Volume alarms on Baxter

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  • Low Drain Volume alarms on Baxter

    I have finally started on the Cycler after a few weeks of manual pd. My first night was ok and since then I have been sleep deprived!!! I'm getting low drain volume alarms sometimes during my first cycle sometimes in the middle cycle never on the last cycle!! is driving me nuts... the PD nurse programmed my card again and now Im doing 4 cycles but still having the same issue, last night was a low UF alarm, low drain volume alarm and check lines... I made sure all the lines are perfect, I have arranged the cycler to be even with my bed.. done it all! Any ideas as I'm concerned as she told me I might need a scan to check if my catheter is fine, but I don't understand as I drain well when I was on manual and still getting positive UF's even with the alarm. I don't want to lose my catheter! I usual do a manual drain on the machine at the end and end up draining between 200-300
    Any ideas???

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    Need to see if drain volume is set at a low volume near 0 then the machine want be trying to get more also are you putting heparin in bag ?


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      Thank you for responding, initial drain volume is at 0 , is driving me crazy!!! my PD nurse change the settings and I'm still having an issue with the low drain alarms all night, what is weird is that my UF is still positive around 600-650 every night now...
      Scared that it could be my catheter


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        What I do is a manual fill before I go on the cycler because otherwise I won't have enough fluid in me after all day and I try to space it about two hours before I go on my cycler. During the night it could be postural try turning sideways or sitting up at the first alarm so you won't have to reset the cycler and check the tubing when it was because the tubing was crimped after you went to sleep that set off the alarm.


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          I've been on PD since February of '16. When I first started they had me on 2 yellows (1.5), I had alarms going off all night...low uf, low drain volume etc...
          Needless to say it was a nightmare, like you I didn't get any sleep. After talking to my team at Davita and my Nephrologist, they changed me to 1 green (2.5) and 1 yellow (1.5) and I haven't had any problems since. No more alarms! I hope this helps you
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            I have found that the low volume and low uf are caused by the position of my catheter on my lower right quadrant. (visible in recent CT scan) If I sleep on my right side or even my back, not all the solution gets to my catheter pick-up, so I must sit up vertical until the solution flows to the low portion of my abdomen where the drain can pick it up and the flow begins to count again. Use the down arrow button to monitor the amount until the volume removed is equal to or more than your cycle fill amount. I have tried different machine height to no avail, but was able to lay on my drain side (right) and get fewer problems. Ultimately this did not work well with the furniture arrangement and the traffic pattern so I went back to sitting upright and clearing the alarm and use the interruption for a trip to the restroom!


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              I have had low drain alarm 3 or 4 times since I started my PD in October. Each time I was able to sit up or like Geminiborn said use it as a trip to the bathroom. Once I moved some I was able to start draining with no alarm. Hopefully your catheter doesn't have to be re-positioned. Good luck.


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                Hi, I have been on PD since Jan 2013. My low volume alarms occur when 1) there is a kink in the line, sometimes from rolling over. 2) I didn't straighten the lines while connecting, or 3) I drained out completely the night before.

                To minimize alarms straighten the lines as you remove them from the pkg. These lines have been curled up for some time and have developed a "memory", similar to new fishing line.

                As you hook the lines up look for gentle curves, eliminate sharp curves. Also point the bag connector points downward, a reccomedation from an on call Baxter rep.

                I have a final fill volume but occasionally my UF is too low and I do a manual drain before disconnecting. I can expect a low drain alarm the next night. Hit "stop", down arrow until you see "bypass", then push "enter" and it will bypass the alarm.

                Discuss this with your nurse. It took awhile before things fell into place. But now I have fewer problems with alarms.

                Good luck.


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                  I've used both bypass and changing position....its true that I get more alarms on 2 yellows and not on I yellow. 1 green....i think it pulls more fluid to be removed from your system thereby matching your rx better