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The Gastric bypass/sleve and perotoneal Dialysis

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  • The Gastric bypass/sleve and perotoneal Dialysis

    I am currently on Hemo' Dialysis but would like to go on Perotoneal Dialysis, I also scheduled to get the Gastric bypass/sleeve operation, since both opeerations involve the "gut" is it possible to do both PD and get the gastric bypass?
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    That would be something to ask your nephrologist. He knows your situation best. Good Luck


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      Hi I would ask your dr for sure. I had stage 2 CKD when I had my gastric sleeve which my dr said was ok. Things did not go well with the surg.(because of Dr.) and I can't do PD because of it. Now I am stage 3b and will do Home HemoDialysis when the time comes. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
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        I assume you've already talked to your doctor, since the post was over a year ago, but I wanted to weigh in (pun intended ) as someone who had gastric sleeve surgery and will be starting PD very soon. My sleeve surgery was 2.5 years ago and I was told that PD would be no problem for me. I'm 5'2, 225, after losing 70lbs (and still trying to lose more). I don't know what the threshold is for weight, but it can be done. I've been told that the solution contains glucose and weight gain can occur, so I plan to step up my exercise regiment to compensate.
        I hope this helps. Good luck!