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Success Comes in "Cans" not "Cant's"

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  • Success Comes in "Cans" not "Cant's"

    I have been on Dialysis for 21yrs, I have worked against the Grain and Now i go with the Grain. I was born with a birth defect that was an obstruction of my urinary tract, It killed my left kidney at 6 months old. I have had over 20 major surgeries in my 40yrs. If i would have got rid of the self-righteous thinking , For example "I'm a Man i can do what i want to" or "It won't hurt me. Well you are in for a treat. I have had a Doctor that is well know in the Nephrology community "Fire" me. He told me "I had no Soul".
    I was an alcoholic, I have been Sober for 5yrs. I also smoked cigarettes and cigars. Plus i smoked Cannabis. If you don't have Cancer or any other end of "LIFE" diagnosis
    you have no reason to use cannabis. There was a little girl in Kansas city that had the "Cannabis" oil in her "I'V." After the chemical that gave you a Buzz "THC" was removed. Her parents tried all other "Drugs" Phenobarbital, Dilantin and Depakote. Nothing worked for this child to suppress her "Epilepsy". Another one is "AIDS" you a hard time with your appetite. Another part of our problem is The media and Government. The Food and drug Administration says It's Okay to eat Meat like Chicken,Beef,Lamb,-
    Canned Tuna, Salmon, But "STAY AWAY' from Salty Pork. This is so hypocritical. Our Dietician and The FDA our Government brainwash us in eating this heath hazard meats
    I have been down a long road, A lot of episodes. I now know the Truth and Lies.. Please don't kid yourself Kidney community.

    Is it really Okay to eat Animals that have been Injected with Chemicals, Then tell you It's Okay to eat these Meats. Please Read the Labels. Have a Healthy Day Everyone.