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Stay happy dont let it stsal your time left

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  • Stay happy dont let it stsal your time left

    I have been on dialysis 7 yrs and im still on a cathator on my last access. I dont know what will happen to me when this access is gone. I try to stay upbeat not showing my fear of dieing. I use humor and being silly. It keeps me out of self pity. Self pity will kill us,we have to know god and be able to laugh at this crazy illness or the sadness will consume me. I watch ppl come,in and i get to know them than watch them go thru the days of cleaning. Than i see them change get gray and sick than o2 than tbey,are gone. I hate asking where they are i usualy know. I try not to let my head mess with me. I dont focus on the out come i think of the hear and now. I pray alot and keep a,smile on my face dont want to make others sad watching me wallow in self pity it gets me nothing but sad and depresed or pp who love me down and depressed thats not helpfull. Remaining hopeful and happy for now because thats all we have is now. Keep your head up look for the funny happy things dont let this ruin the time you have left. Enjoy what ya got and be greatful for everyday you still alive
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    Thanks for the positive message,very true, weather we live a life of happiness or self pitty is on us. We must make a choice that we will be happy.


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      I forgot to ask what do you mean by last access? I also have a cattheter, the graph in my arm got infected twice,ire fused a third one and got the catheter.