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Bleeding from fistula after session

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  • Bleeding from fistula after session

    Hi. My wife just started dialysis a little over a month ago and we just started with Davita two weeks ago. She goes in late, from 4pm to 7pm sessions. She had a fistula put in a little over a year ago anticipating the need for dialysis - diabetes.

    Background: she was very sick and in ICU for about a month, pneumonia, bladder infection, and kidney failure. She did not eat for about 3 1/2 weeks, including nothing by IV. She lost a lot of weight and all of her strength. They transferred her to a skilled nursing facility for physical therapy. She is very, very weak.

    She has a tendency to bleed for about 10 minutes when they extract the needles. The local center does not want to use a clamp. My wife physically does not have the strength to hold a compress to stop bleeding. I just had wrist surgery and it's out of the question for me. They insist that either she hold it or we call in someone to do it as they are too busy. Is this normal? I'm new to this, but it seems like that is part of the process and they are responsible for it. I told them, repeatedly, that we want to work with them and do it right, but we need a little assistance for the immediate future.

    What are your experiences with this?
    Thank you

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    I am an HHD patient and was trained to hold pressure on my sites after pulling needles - I pull the first and my care partner/spouse pulls the second. I have also treated in-center when on business trips and have seen the use of clamps as well as patients holding pressure on their sites. I have never seen any of the clinic staff holding pressure on patient's sites.


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      I go to a DaVita center and I have seen people who still need help after the clamp has been removed assisted by both nurses and techs.


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        After three month at my center there was a person from a nursing home who had had a stroke. The nurse held his needle points for him. He was brought in and lifted into his chair and sis was not in control of his legs or arms. So I guess if the doctor orders it or they are unable at all to hold it the techs will. I am sure if a clamp was put on his arms he would have moved them off with the involuntary movement of his lower arms.


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          Hi everyone, I have had bleeding problem for 3 years but not anymore since my center started using (sure seal). It is a regular bandage very cheap and it works 99% of the time. You can find them online. Hope that helps.